Why does it make sense to buy quiz questions and offer a quiz?

The reasons for this can vary widely depending on the medium.
However, there are many reasons to offer a quiz and buy the quiz questions.
For example, you can use a quiz to keep your customers/visitors on your website or stand for a longer period of time and get them to get better acquainted with your products and your company. Quiz questions are also excellently suited for generating high-quality addresses by means of competitions or for gambling an app or other software. Many customers also buy questions to enrich their own content or get inspiration. Our quiz questions allow you to start very quickly with extensive quizzes and save a lot of work for researching and creating quiz questions. In short: a quiz will make you and your product more entertaining and exciting.
What is the order process for quiz questions?

First you make a request. If you are already aware of this, please let us know the number and length of questions, topics and content, etc. Otherwise, we will work out a specification together by telephone. As soon as the specification is fixed, you will receive your offer. You can order this directly.

If our authors place an order for new questions, we will inform you about the expected duration of the order. Depending on the complexity of the assignment, we usually create 50-400 questions per week with one author.

If necessary with the offer, otherwise you will receive our license terms immediately after ordering. As soon as we have received the necessary deposit, we will start work. After the quiz questions have been sent by e-mail or made available in our customer area, the order is completed. In case of follow-up orders, we will gladly exclude questions about previous orders.

Where are the license terms and conditions?

We have standardized licenses for our quiz questions, which we will gladly send you with our offer according to the intended use. For special purposes we also offer individual licenses.

In which formats are the quiz questions delivered?

We deliver in the following standard office formats: doc (x), rtf, PDF, xls (x), csv.
Please indicate the desired format when ordering.
A direct input of the content by us into CMS / social media systems or a proprietary system is also possible.

Who is behind Wer Wie Wann?

This is a project by Sebastian Stoll. In the German-speaking countries I am one of the quiz protagonists. Already in the year 2000 I started with the foundation and participation in the Quiz-Community Qmania. de to deal professionally with the topic of quizzes. Since 2003 I have been writing quiz questions for commercial customers in all conceivable formats. In 2006 I brought the Quiz World Championships to Germany, which I co-organize until today. In 2011 I co-founded the German Quiz Association (Deutscher Quiz-Verein e. V.), of which I am a member.

Please read this interview with me: http://www.news.de/panorama/855059874/quiz-machen-ist-eine-kunst/1/
More about me also at Xing: https://www.xing.com/profile/Sebastian_Stoll2

How many authors can you access?

As a rule, one author is sufficient for an order. For large orders with several 1000 questions we can always rely on a pool of authors with a lot of experience in the field of quiz questions. At least five authors are permanently available.